Made to Measure VELUX® Blinds

If you have VELUX® windows at home, you’ll know how they flood your room with plenty of light. When it comes to having control over this light, as well as privacy, we have a few options within our Velux Blackout or standard fabrics range.

With Genuine VELUX® Blackout Roller Blinds, you can choose from a selection of beautiful patterns and plain designs to suit any space.

VELUX® windows don’t have to be a barrier to a good night’s sleep thanks to our blackout fabrics available in the range which are a extremely popular choice, especially for children bedrooms and shift workers that may need to sleep during the day.

VELUX® Blackout Roller blinds - Blackout even when the sun is shining, the VELUX® Blackout Roller blind gives you the best in total darkness 24/7. The blind has a reflective aluminium coating on the rear side that reflects heat from the sun in summer whilst retaining heat in the winter. Blackout blinds are ideal for Bedrooms, Childrens Bedrooms, and Home Cinemas rooms.